What is your dream? 

Maybe you tried to find it before, maybe you thought about it but it never became clear or it never felt possible. Go along with me this time. Don’t think about what you consider is possible, don’t think at money, don’t think at the resources you would need, don’t think, just feel. Go back to the sincerity and the hope you had as a child, and answer these questions as if everything would be possible. 

Just a heads up. This is not a personality quiz, a “What city should you actually live in?” or “Which Star Wars character are you?“ These tests ask us questions about ourselves, and then they tell us about ourselves. But aren’t we the experts on ourselves? We believe that the plan for our dreams lies within us. 

We make sense of our lives by organising events into stories that fit together over time, creating our own “biographies” that explain who we are and where we come from. But we don’t need someone else to tell us our story. This is why through this workbook you simply discover your own story, we just provide you with the context to do it. Here you have the chance to be true to yourself. 

This workbook does not comprises of a set of ordinary questions. If you are really honest when answering, you will be able to have in writing what you always had in your mind as a fuzzy image: your dream. These principles are applied in Silicon Valley, NASA uses part of this workbook in their leadership program, people with real life results took them seriously and it worked. You have to be open and true to yourself. You can take as many courses as you want, practice all the techniques in the world, meditate, get a life coach, the answer will always come only from within. 

So let’s see. What is your story and what is your dream? 

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